London Aquarium 2


Why, you wonder, would anyone fill up a car to the brim with water, and then put Goldfish in it? Would you? Although you can’t see the fish, you can just see the water at the top of the window. Man, and I thought FISH were weird!

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London Aquarium 1

Small innit? No, its pretty big actually, its all underground.

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 13!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

Dave and the “flag fish”…..

“My tank is 130 litres and amongst other fish I have two small bronze corydoras in it.  My son gave me a “Pirate treasure chest” complete with air opening lid and a moulded plastic flag which was mounted to one side of the chest.  After installing it, I noticed what looked like a pleco chip “floating” around in the gap between the chest and the “flag”.  I couldn’t get it out, so I removed the ornament for closer inspection and found it was in fact the head of one of the Corydoras I could see!

It had managed to swim into a tiny hole and in its attempt to get out, had turned upside down and was well and truly stuck!!!  The layout of its fins meant he could not or would not swim backwards and despite being hassled by the Tiger Barbs, he persisted in trying to go forwards. I flew into a panic as I did not want to loose one of these little fellas and the only way I could rescue my little buddy was to break the flag off.  I put him in a small isolation tank with the stress coat and some medicine and waited to see what would take place.

Next morning I went to check on him (or her 🙂  )  and he was gone!!!  He had jumped back into the main tank and was happily munching away with his mate even though he seemed to be missing half of his barbels(?), part of his dorsal fin (nibbled by Tiger Barbs whilst “stuck” under the flag) and some scales!!!!!!

A week later he seems to be fully functional and no worse for wear. So all’s well as they say.

Nancy G and anno0ther crazy Gourami……

“Oddly enough, I can relate to your story of the stuck Gourami.  I just recently acquired a 55 gal tank and am new at this fish business.  Imagine my surprise when my sucker fish got stuck in an ornament.  I didn’t see him for a whole day and started searching for him.  I had purchased an ornament that looked like it was from the Mayan ruins.  It looked like rock with faces carved on 3 sides and a large access hole in the back.  I thought at the time it would be a perfect place for the smaller fish to hide.  Wrong!  I finally spotted my sucker fish up in this thing.  He was pretty large when I bought him, so he’s easy to spot.  I watched him for several hours and he never came out.  I tried coaxing him out, but no way.  Finally, I picked up the whole ornament and yep, he came with it!  I pulled on his tail, but he was stuck fast and I couldn’t see up in there to figure out what was going on.  So my son & I performed emergency extraction surgery.  I put some of the aquarium water in a large zip lock bag and then placed the whole thing in it, fish & all.  We then went out to the garage, where my son used a dremmell to cut away a piece of the fake rock.  I would take the rock out of the water, my son would cut for a few seconds and then I would stick it back in the water for a few minutes.  We finally were able to break the rock in half and free the fish.  The inside of the rock had a thin plastic bridge holding it together.  The sucker had gotten his top fin stuck over this bridge so he couldn’t back out.  It’s a good thing I didn’t pull real hard, because it would have ripped his top fin off.  He had a few minor scrapes, but evidently nothing serious.  Well, that was 6 months ago, and he is going strong.  In fact, he’s doubled In size!   Needless to say, I cleaned fish house after that, and now only have safe decor in the tank.   Enjoyed your story!”

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 12!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

  • Carol and some pushy male mollies…” I had my pregnant Molly in a breeder that hangs on the inside of the main tank.  She was ready to give birth any minute.  When I came home from work much to my surprise she was swimming around in the tank (20GL) and the 2 male Mollys were in the breeder.  I just laughed when I took off the lid and they were looking up at me with stupid looks on their faces.  They seemed to be saying…ah we don’t know how this happened..we were out there and then we were in here…can you let us out?  I could just imagine how this had happened.  I could see my female Molly Freckles (very fat) saying “hay boys come over and get in here and get behind me and push me out and I’ll hold open the lid while you swim out. Then later…..they heard her exclaim as she swam out of sight..suckers……..  My guess is the lid of the breeder just sits on the top it does not clamp down and they were nosy and got in and she swam out.  But anyway it was pretty funny.  Wish I had taken a picture.  They were sure glad to get out.  There names have been changed to Dumb & Dumber. Hope you enjoyed this. Carol .”
    Rory O’Brien – Curious fishy…
    ” I went to the 20 gallon long fish tank and was talking on the phone with a friend. I saw 3 of my 4 Zebra Danio swimming around the tank. I looked in the plants, filter, heater, inside their hide-away cavern, at the top of the tank, ect. He wasn’t anywhere!!! I forgot ONE places, behind the left side of the cavern. I saw my poor little silver, blue fish stuck in there blowing little bubbles! I got a stick and tried to move the cavern. It wouldn’t budge. I picked it up and the Danio swam free and chased his school of the other Danios in and out of the hide-out. Dumb fish! He does it again, but wriggles himself free. Just so he doesn’t do it while I am at school.”Emily and another Gourami……

    ” It was about 1 a.m. I was climbing into bed and heard a sound from the corner of the room.  It sounded like my Gourami’s pushing the rocks around.  I thought to myself, “they’ve never done that before!”  I turned on the light and one of them (‘Mike’ of ‘Mike and Ike’) had lodged himself into our rock with a hole in it – a hole about exactly as tall, or slightly smaller, than him.  He was wriggling around trying to excape and it was moving the rocks on the bottom around, hence the sound I had heard.  I started freaking out, and thrust my hand into the tank.  I never touch fish water (EW!) unless it’s an emergency.  I tried pushing him out, but felt like I was going to squish his brains out.  So I woke my husband up to see if he could help.  After much more futile pushing, we put the fish in the rock into a bowl with his water in it, and tried to break the rock.  We tried to split it open with pliers; we tried drilling the rock to see if we could get it to crack; we tried twisting the fish around.  Just as we were about to drive to the 24-hour walmart to buy a dremel tool, I said, ‘let me look online and see if there’s anything’ – to which my husband laughed hysterically.  But to my surprise, you had had the same experience.  We decided to just push a little more.  I made my husband do it, and he got him out!!!  Mike started swimming funny – like he was gonna die – sideways and falling.  I was counting on having a dead fish with missing scales by morning, but we woke up, and he was alive and well!!  It’s been a couple of weeks, and all of his scales have healed!! Thanks for knowing what to do, you saved our fishes life!!

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 11!!

  • Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
    Tales of Mad fish

    There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences…. Gary Wheeler – The Sailfin strikes back!!…

    “I have a little 3′ community tank, in it are some Swordtails, Platy’s, ‘neon'(cardinal) tetra’s, a Banjo Catfish, 1 pair of Gourami’s(dwarf) and some nice PEACEABLE Mollies (who am I kiddin’?). I popped down to the local pet dealer and spotted, in a community tank, a lonesome female Silver Sailfin Molly, awwww, poor thing so I bought it. I got it into my tank and it was like something out of a gory movie! This molly was constantly beating the living daylights out of every fish larger than itself, I was beside myself! It was so peaceable looking in the shop, anyway, she now lives in a large ‘Brackish’ tank with many other varieties of Molly, and a couple of cute little Asian Puffer fish, totally civilised! I can’t work it out and probably never will as to why she went so vicious.”

    Kevin Ro – Crazy Pleco!! Eeeeekk!…

    “hey speaking of jumping “stupid fish” my favorit pet goldfish, shoveler. At one point was sucicidal just like yours…it jumped out of the tank only mine landed on a silver tray in the living room! It was late at night i was just dosing when, patter, patter, patter i thought i heard a noise thinking my head was play ing tricks on m…i went back to dozing. A few seconds later…patter, patter, patter so i go out into the hall turn on the light, nothing hmmm…patter, patter, patter, huh!? So i go into the living room turn on the light, still nothing. So i went into the kitchen…and there on a silver platter lay flopping my dear sucicdal gold fish. It didn’t die thank goodness, but it was never quite the same. ps.what a nice web page.”

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 10!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

Kate and a fish that wanted to hide…

Hi, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one, who has these mysterious things happen to their fish!

Several months ago, I bought two Bubblegum Cichlids, to go into my ten gallon tank, and for several weeks, I would feed and watch them, going happily about their business, when one day, I came home, and there was only one in the tank! I took all the plants out, and rocks, and only one fish! I then noticed that the end of the filter had fallen off, and was floating with a plastic plant in the top, and I thought to myself, ohhh noooo, not in the tube, so I took off the tube, and looked, and no fish! I was really getting confused, having crawled around, looking on the carpet, and such, thinking maybe it had somehow squeezed out the tiny hole near the filter, and no fish! I then decided the only place to look, to my horror, was with a flashlight, up in the filter, where the end of the tube goes, where the little thing goes around, and ohhhhhh, my poor fish was in there, tail first, and all I could see, was his eyes, and mouth, moving, and he was alive!!!!!!! I quickly got him out, and his tail was gone, and he lost some scales, but the poor little bugger survived! It is a wonder, let me tell you, if you have an injured fish, don’t give up, there’s always hope, I can vouch for that, hehe! I also had a clown loach, get stuck inside a ceramic candle holder, that I use for deco, inside the tank, and it took forever to get him out, but he was fine! geech! I worry about my fish, like I do my dogs, lol!


Renee Misch – Crazy Pleco!! Eeeeekk!…

Well, my sister and I were working on doing a tank cleaning to her 25 gallon tank. She’s had it for well over ten years, but had let it go far too long without a cleaning. She has a Pleco. She and I call it Ugly. Her husband ( a big Godzilla fan ) calls it Godzilla. They were told he was a small pleco, but he is well over 8″ now. Well, we were both scared to death of the ugly bugger and while she is cleaning her tank…whose water was pretty murky. Her hand bumps the pleco. He freaks out! (Because he is the master of this house) and swims straight for the surface.. AND ON HER ARM! Using his fins like hands and feet, he crawled right up her arm! She screamed, and yanked her arm out, I screamed and jumped back. And her husband came upstairs thinking we’d been electrocuted or something! Needless to say, about a week later, we bagged him and donated him to our lfs and he is happy in a nice giant sized tank with another big pleco. No more pleco’s for us!

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 9!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True

Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

tatmonsster has a story here – Oh dear…crazy catfish attack!

“One of my Panda Cory Kittenfish got herself stuck in a hole in the mopani wood last night. I ended up having to use the gravel cleaner to suck the water round her which with her help budged her a little so she could escape. It was quite amusing at first, one piece of mopani wood complete with tail sticking out of hole! Then she didn’t move for a while and I thought she was a goner. I tried turning it upside down first in the hope that gravity would help her get out – but no! then I thought (while it was balanced upside down) if I move a bit of tubing towards her she’ll try to go back wards and get herself out, but nope. It was my fiance thought of the gravel cleaner first!

I was half expecting her not to last the night – but she was bouncy as ever this morning. Silly little thing I reckon if shes still alright after 48 hrs she should be fine. So fingers crossed. I’d hate to lose her cos the kittenfish are so silly. They keep on playing “knock down ginger” on the older cories. They creep up behind them real slow, knock into their tails and then scarper as quickly as possible. Its *so* funny to watch. I’ll let you know if she makes it – but hopefully if shes still ok when I get home she’ll be ok. So fingers crossed!”

Maryann worch and a reef fish…

i bought the reef fish and was told to close all the gaps in the tank or he will climb out so i wedged cottom wool in the gaps where the filter tubes go in. The next morning i came down and found him on the carpet in front of the tank with cotton wool stuck all over him. To get where he was he would of had to squeeze through the cotton wool crawled across the cover glass as the holes are at the back, got to the front pushed the lid open and climbed out and fell to the carpet. the fish was all dry but sticky his gills little fins (that look like flapping ears like the dragon thing on neverending story very cute) were stuck shut and covered in cotton wool.
I assumed he was dead and was gonna bury him, but i thought well hes not stiff so i poked him in the water and nothing happened. so i thought maybe if he’s in there for a while something might happen, (think it was wishfull thinking). So i left him in there and after a few minutes he took a big gulp i was really chuffed. so i replaced the cotton wool with plastic bags and hes been ok since.

Laura Young – A Strange but True Story…

Years ago, I had a lone Fantail in a small tank, it was probably about 3 years old, and had always been extremely happy and healthy. I had recently visited my grandfather’s farm, and had come away with several TINY (less than one inch long) freshwater lobster/maron from his dam. These babies were so small, they were still very transparent! I popped them into my sparkling tank, and marveled at them darting around the place. The next morning, I went to check on my fish, as usual, and was horrified to see it lying on the bottom of the tank, with NO fins! Not one! They had all been nipped off by the tiny lobster/maron during the night. I removed all the vicious babies, and started treating my poor Fantail. It recovered well, and went on to live another 7 years or so. It was so strange though, seeing it with no fins, it couldn’t swim, it just lay about until they rather quickly, grew back. 😮

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 8!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True

Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

Eeek!! There’s a Monster in Our Water Garden!! By Larry James

It was about 9:00 p.m. I was sitting at the kitchen bar finishing my supper when I heard this incredible scream coming from the backyard.   “Eeek!! There’s a monster in our water garden!!”

Sandy was beside herself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her move so fast. She came running into the house and yelling that she had finally seen one of the three plecostomus in our pond.

You must understand that it had been nearly four months since our visit to the local pet shop. We purchased three plecostomus and when we got home we put them into our 2,600 gallon water garden. They were only about 2 1/2 inches long and I remember saying, “As big as our water garden is, we may never see them again.”

Boy! Was I wrong.

I could hardly understand what she was saying because she was so excited. Between a few scattered words and her gasps for breath, I was getting the message that she had finally seen one of the plecostomus as he came up near the top for a few sprinklings of food that Sandy was feeding the goldfish.

I don’t think I have seen her this excited in the years we’ve been together. You would have thought she hit the big jackpot at the casino.

“Larry. . . You won’t believe it! It was (gasp!) this long,” she said as she stretched her hands the length of nearly a foot, “It was a monster!” Gasp! “I can’t believe what I just saw!”

“That’s nice, dear.” I said as she led me by the hand to the side of our water garden. I could imagine that her shriek most likely scared the dickens out of the fish and we would surely “never” see it again.

We stood by the side of the water garden for nearly an hour waiting patiently, hoping to catch a glimpse of this scary monster, but alas. . . it wasn’t about to oblige us now. . . if ever again.

“Honey, I promise you it was this big,” she said, again gesturing with her hands a length I couldn’t quite imagine. Remember, it had only been four months since I slid those tiny creatures into the depths of our water garden.

I finally gave up waiting. Sandy camped out on the edge of the water garden for a while longer armed with a giant flashlight hoping in vain to see it again.

She hardly slept that night. She told me that she dreamed about our grisly monster. She became obsessed with wanting me to see what she had seen. She even suggested that what she saw may have been an upside down water lily. Was she seeing things?

The next day she spent lots of time by the water garden poking around the lilies and tossing an abundance of fish food hoping to lure it into sight. She was obsessed with getting another glimpse of our mysterious fish and having me see it to verify that it was as big as she said it was. It didn’t happen.

Two nights later  — Again I had just finished supper when the patio door burst open and Sandy hollered, “Larry! Come here quick! And bring the flashlight! Hurry!”

Our water garden is about 70 percent covered with lily pads and hyacinths. She had cleared a large circle that would allow her a place to toss some food for the goldfish, but I knew that secretly she was waiting for Moby Dick to again make another appearance.

I grabbed the flashlight and met her at the top of our heart-shaped water garden. “Look there! On that rock! There it is!” She gave me a hug and squealed, “Oh boy! I’m excited! You’re gonna get to see it!”

I shined the flashlight on the spot that she pointed to and sure enough. . . “WoW!! What a monster!” In only four months at least one of our plecostomus had grown to nearly 8 inches in length. As soon as he knew he was in the spotlight, he slithered into the depths of the water garden. Stage fright I supposed.

Sandy was delighted that I too, had experienced actually “seeing” our monster and that she wasn’t just seeing things.

Since we completed the water garden in April, 2000, Sandy has allowed me the privilege of getting into the waist-deep water garden, cleaning away the algae, clipping the lilies, and various other water garden chores. She had expressed a fear of getting into the water with the goldfish knowing that three plecostomus were lurking on the bottom of the water garden.

Interestingly enough, recently she had been talking about finally getting up the courage to get in the water garden to help. And now? Looks like I’ve been elected the permanant water garden keeper for many years to come.

To see the original page and pictures of the afore mentioned plecos –

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 7!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True

Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….
Sabrina Blair and another stuck Gourami…

“I just finished reading your story about your Gourami stuck in the rock and I want you to know that I had an equally stupid Red Gourami. One day, after being gone all day, my husband and I got back and my Gourami was stuck in the rock. He had been in the rock plenty of times and the hole was wider then it was tall. He had swam through that same hole before but this time either was a little bigger or forgot to go a little sideways and got stuck! I tried several times to push him backwards out of the hole but could not do it so finally my husband “bonked” him on his mouth with a wooden spoon to get enough pressure to unwedge him. He was stuck pretty bad – he had wedged himself tighter and tighter trying to swim forward to get out!

He had a hard time swimming after that and my husband held him up and floated him around to get oxygen in his gills so that he could breathe. It took him a couple of hours to recover but he ate his dinner that night. He had scales missing and a pretty bad indentation where he had been wedged in the rock. One of his feelers was broken and it later grew back starting at the broken part which looked really weird because the “old” feeler was still there so he ended up having a “forked” feeler. His scales eventually grew back but he had a permanent circle indentation around him.

My friend named him “Rocky” which I thought was a lot better than the name “Stupid Fish” that I had been calling him. Rocky died a couple of weeks ago, a victim of dropsy despite my best efforts to save him. However, that stupid fish will always hold a special place in my heart. He is buried outside of my office under a tree so that he can always be near. ”

Rocky Poore and a sad tale about a Rope fish…

“I had just purchased 2 rope fish and was very happy with them until i found out one of them was a moron. I woke up to find one of them missing. I looked in the tank thinking it was hiding but I found nothing. I began looking on the floor and I caught a glimpse of a tail sticking out from under my shelf. I figured it was dead looking at the way it was dry and sticking to the carpet. But then, lo and behold I saw it move its head the tiniest bit! I put it back in the tank and it began to swim around a bit. It spent most of the day resting and breathing abnormally and by the next day it had died.”

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Tales of Mad Fish – Part 6!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True

Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

Rena Fisher got a fright one day…

“As an aquarist do my fish believe that watching me is so boring that they must find ways to create excitement in their own lives, or what?.

One evening after changing the water in my 29 gallon tank (that houses a plecostomus, six neon tetras, six tiger barbs and a juvenile Oscar), I was laying on the couch admiring the crystal clarity of the water and lightly dozing, when the distinct sound of water splashing alerted me. I jumped up from the couch thinking that I must have left the hood open and a fish had jumped from the tank onto the floor (as I said I was half asleep). I was on my knees searching the floor when the sound came again. I realized it was coming from the fish tank. I gazed into the aquarium wondering about the origin of the sound, but found nothing out of the ordinary. All tank inhabitants were there, so I thought. The splashing sound occurred again. Mystified, I removed the hood of the tank and peered through the water. Again came the splashing sound, not from inside the tank but from the power filter hanging on the back of the tank! Truly baffled I lifted the cover of the filter and a dark image came snaking out of the filter box . I screamed in terror; threw the cover down and streaked out of the room as if the hounds of hell where nipping at my heels. What was I thinking? That somehow a river rat had invaded my tank? An anaconda had somehow slithered inside? I don’t know.

What I did know was that something was inside the filter box that didn’t belong. Alarmed by my screams, my kids came running to my rescue. Through teeth that clattered with fright I was somehow able to convey to my thirteen year old daughter that something was inside the filter box. Before she could move to investigate, I handed her the only weapon I could think of… a rolled up newspaper. “Mom, what am I going to do with this?” she asked. She ignored my instructions to kill the damn thing, whatever it was and dropped the newspaper, but cautiously approached the tank. I warned her to be careful (wondering at the time how kids can be so much braver than us adults), she peered into the filter box, then did the unexpected. She howled with laughter. My nine year son moved in to take a look and he too collapsed into a laughing fit.. By this time I was completely outdone, not being able to imagine what was so funny. Their continued laughter gave me the courage to take a look.

. Nestled at the bottom of the filter box sat my Plecostomus, breathing heavily and thrashing his tail from time in an effort to escape. Between the hood and the filter box there’s a narrow gap of about one to two inches. Somehow he had managed to maneuver through the gap and had gotten inside. It’s a miracle that he hadn’t skipped over into the area of the impeller. Feeling like a complete idiot I rescued the poor creature and returned him to the safety of the tank. He scurried away to hide behind a rock in what I’m sure could only be embarrassment. ”

Ian Stephenson and these crazy fish…

” I read with interest your article on the stuck Gourami. It reminded me of a problem I had with an adult Angel fish a few years ago. My tank had a couple of those artificial plastic plants you can buy in the local shop. These can be useful because, unlike real plants, they don’t get eaten within 5 minutes of being put in the tank. One day I noticed that one of my Angel fish had become stuck between two stems of one of these “plants”. Releasing the fish was a real problem. I tried pushing him forward – no luck, he was stuck fast. I tried wriggling him about – no joy. Eventually I pushed him backwards. Despite his scales being a bit jammed up, he was eventually freed. Looking rather miffed, he floated away – luckily his ego was more bruised than his body!!

Note: Angel fish scales are rather sharp.”

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