Tales of Mad Fish – Part 13!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

Dave and the “flag fish”…..

“My tank is 130 litres and amongst other fish I have two small bronze corydoras in it.  My son gave me a “Pirate treasure chest” complete with air opening lid and a moulded plastic flag which was mounted to one side of the chest.  After installing it, I noticed what looked like a pleco chip “floating” around in the gap between the chest and the “flag”.  I couldn’t get it out, so I removed the ornament for closer inspection and found it was in fact the head of one of the Corydoras I could see!

It had managed to swim into a tiny hole and in its attempt to get out, had turned upside down and was well and truly stuck!!!  The layout of its fins meant he could not or would not swim backwards and despite being hassled by the Tiger Barbs, he persisted in trying to go forwards. I flew into a panic as I did not want to loose one of these little fellas and the only way I could rescue my little buddy was to break the flag off.  I put him in a small isolation tank with the stress coat and some medicine and waited to see what would take place.

Next morning I went to check on him (or her 🙂  )  and he was gone!!!  He had jumped back into the main tank and was happily munching away with his mate even though he seemed to be missing half of his barbels(?), part of his dorsal fin (nibbled by Tiger Barbs whilst “stuck” under the flag) and some scales!!!!!!

A week later he seems to be fully functional and no worse for wear. So all’s well as they say.

Nancy G and anno0ther crazy Gourami……

“Oddly enough, I can relate to your story of the stuck Gourami.  I just recently acquired a 55 gal tank and am new at this fish business.  Imagine my surprise when my sucker fish got stuck in an ornament.  I didn’t see him for a whole day and started searching for him.  I had purchased an ornament that looked like it was from the Mayan ruins.  It looked like rock with faces carved on 3 sides and a large access hole in the back.  I thought at the time it would be a perfect place for the smaller fish to hide.  Wrong!  I finally spotted my sucker fish up in this thing.  He was pretty large when I bought him, so he’s easy to spot.  I watched him for several hours and he never came out.  I tried coaxing him out, but no way.  Finally, I picked up the whole ornament and yep, he came with it!  I pulled on his tail, but he was stuck fast and I couldn’t see up in there to figure out what was going on.  So my son & I performed emergency extraction surgery.  I put some of the aquarium water in a large zip lock bag and then placed the whole thing in it, fish & all.  We then went out to the garage, where my son used a dremmell to cut away a piece of the fake rock.  I would take the rock out of the water, my son would cut for a few seconds and then I would stick it back in the water for a few minutes.  We finally were able to break the rock in half and free the fish.  The inside of the rock had a thin plastic bridge holding it together.  The sucker had gotten his top fin stuck over this bridge so he couldn’t back out.  It’s a good thing I didn’t pull real hard, because it would have ripped his top fin off.  He had a few minor scrapes, but evidently nothing serious.  Well, that was 6 months ago, and he is going strong.  In fact, he’s doubled In size!   Needless to say, I cleaned fish house after that, and now only have safe decor in the tank.   Enjoyed your story!”

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2 Responses to Tales of Mad Fish – Part 13!!

  1. Evonne says:

    I would recommend gteting really hardy fish to start off the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium. I don’t really know what to tell you when it comes to corals and all but I know a ton about the fish. The fish can get really expensive so look forward to that. But when you add the first fish, you should add some damsels or chromis because they are really hardy but keep in mind that damsels are really aggressive towards their own species, so get at least 3 or 4. They are cheap too. And any type of clownfish are hardy, but you need to either get one or a lot because they are very aggressive towards their own species too. So buy a pair or just one because it will be hard to add one later on if you just get one. And also I wouldn’t recommend mixing species either. Keep in mind if you ever want any angel fish, make sure your tank is established because they are very delicate and can get stressed and die very easily. You should do some research or ask your local aquarium questions about fish. One last thing, if you are ever going to get any Tangs like Dory or whatever. They can get territorial and watch the shape of the body. If Tangs have the same body shape, they will fight, but different body types won’t so look out for that but you may get lucky, you never know. I hope this helped and good luck! Was this answer helpful?

  2. Alexandre says:

    Your tank is already over secoktd. I would make sure that you have all males or all females because if they are mixed then your going to have a ton of babies in a short amount of time. If you want to add fish I would suggest that you purchase a bigger tank possibly a 20 gallon and up so that the fish that room to be free without bumping into another fish every few inches. After you get a bigger tank I would suggest that you get some neon’s (they are easy to care for) There are a few different types out right now, there are black neon’s, glow light neon’s and the regular neon’s. You could also get an african dwarf frog or some cory cats. But as it is right now see if a friend wants a few fish or get a larger tank. Good Luck. Was this answer helpful?

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