Tales of Mad Fish – Part 3!!

Strange but true – how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True

Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around – with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don’t believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences….

Shane Larson with a curoious Platy…

“I had an unusual experience with one of my Sunset Fire Platys. It was more my fault really, but still unusual. I have a 10 gallon tank that i bought for myself and i’ve had trouble keeping it clean. I kept eight Platys, including my one Sunset Fire. The tank was extremely filthy, alot of floating debree, so i took off the bottom part of the filter to collect more waste. My curious little fish swam and got sucked inside the tube!! He was stuck there for a good 5 minutes. I finally noticed one of the fish was missing and sure enough, he was wedged inside the filter tube. I quickly turned it off and disassembled the filter. I managed to finally get him out and he swam back into the tank.”
Sarah Donovan and another mad fish tale…

“I’ve just read about your gourami getting stuck in a hole. I had a bitterling that did exactly the same thing. It sounds like I did the same as you – waiting to see if he could somehow wriggle out, and when he didn’t, I used the same pinch/push that you did. I think mine had got himself more wedged in than yours, because he’d actually rubbed away the flesh above and below his jaw, giving him a distinctly odd profile. He recovered, though, and lived for another year, but he always retained the odd shape. He was a mad fish, but also showed a certain native cunning. He worked out that after feeding time, when the food had sunk to the bottom, if he nipped the fins of my (lovely) weather loach, he’d do a quick wriggle and stir up all the food, making it available (to the bitterling). ”

Shantelle Novak and a Algae Eater turned Flying Fish…

My funny fish story is about my algae eater named Vac – short for vaccuum cleaner. I have a small 5 gallon tank, and was fairly new at the time – the most important bit of information relative to this story, is that I had yet to buy a proper lid (Hey! it wasn’t my fault, funds were low!). One night, I was trying to get to sleep when I heard a splash (the tank is in my room) I got up to see what the matter was, and everything looked fine. When I went back to bed, I heard some banging around on the floor by the tank. I got up again to see what happened and I found the algae eater on the floor! He wasn`t moving and I assumed he was dead. I sat down, not knowing what to do. Then suddenly, he flipped. He is a very acrobatic and energetic fish. I quickly scooped him up, using a pail and a net and put him back into the water. He swam around for a while and then seemed fine. After I calmed down from such a shock, I went back to bed. The next night, I didn`t hear him, but he jumped out again. I didn`t find him until around supper time the next day. I guess he tried to commit suicide the first time, and I saved him, but he tried it again. What a nutty fish! I then got a new algae eater and named him Vac Junior because he was quite smaller than the first. So far, he doesn`t seem like the type to commit suicide. I sure hope not because I don`t want to deal with that ordeal again!

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