Killifishes are normally found in Africa, Asia and South America. I said that the family are “Annual fish” meaning that the fish are relatively short-lived. Its typical that they are very attractive and colourful, and they also tend to be aggresive.

Steel-blue Aphyosemion: This fish is a impressive sight. You can blue body colours, with bright red vertical marks. Although I very nice looking fish, it is a very aggresive species
Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
70 mm Africa Easy all foods 24 C Species

Aphyosemion australe:
A great looking Killifishes. Quite a bright fish, and is a lively fish and is tolerate to most other tankmates

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
50 mm Africa Moderate all foods 23 C Friendly

Picture – PETRA-AQUA

Aphyosemion striatum: This fish needs plenty of vegetation, and with subdued light. Likes to hide, and would prefer theb water to be slightly acid, about 6.0 – 6.5

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
50 mm Africa Moderately easy Live foods 24 C Friendly

Picture – PETRA-AQUA

Aphyosemion gardneri:
Brightly coloured, with many red spots around the body. This is a aggresive fish, and will try to fin-nip at others

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
60 mm Africa Moderately easy all foods 22-25 C Friendly
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  1. Roni says:

    Ok, let me clear up some things. Betta fish are very tirretorial. They will not kill just any fish though. They only attack fish that have long or flowy fins. Yes, your betta will attack your gold fish, that is not a good idea. On the other hand Gold fish do not make good tank mates with all fish, there is something about them (I do not know what) that bothers the other fish. Good tank mates for your betta are quick fish that have small fins. I have a female that will kill guppies, but she does just fine with algae eaters (I have a yellow Chinese one with her right now)Long story short, do not mix bettas with gold fish, but you could use a divider in the tank. Buy a divider from a fish store, but make sure that water can flow through it so the tank stays filtered and also make sure it is high enough that the fish can’t jump over it. Canvas (you know the plastic sheet with the square holes in it) make great cheap dividers that can be cut to size or easily sewn together with fishline to make them bigger. Good luck with your fish!

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