These fish originate in Africa and parts of Asia. The Anabantoids tend to be in the medium sized range. The most famous of this family has got ot be the Siamese Fighting Fish, because if a rivel male is introduced to the aquarium only one will survive. Gouramis on the other hand are very peaceful, although as soon as its breeding time they can get a bit fearsome.

Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens): This fish is my favourite. You can see it is blue and red in colour, where there are many strains now. It is renowned for its aggresive rivalry with males of the same species, so it must be seperated.
Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
60mm Thailand Easy all foods 24 C One male only

Dwarf Gourami (Colisa lalia):
It has a brilliant colours around its body, probably the most colourful freshwater fish. At breeding times the colours intensify in the male.

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
55 mm N.E. India Easy all foods 24 C Friendly
Kissing Gourami (Helostoma temmincki): There are two variations of the Kissing Gourami – one is olive-green, and (shown here) is pink. It has the unusual habit of “kissing” members of its own species – randy fish.

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
200 mm Far east Moderately easy all foods 24 C Friendly
Honey Gourami (Colisa chuna): Quite a small fish, the Honey Gourami has a golden-brown colour with bright yellow dorsal fins. The females tend to be duller.

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
40 mm India Easy all foods 24 C Friendly
Paradise fish (macroodus opercularis): This is another colourful fish, with red, brown and blue bands running across its body. The fish can be quite aggresive.

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
75 mm Far East Moderate all foods 24 C Species
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    You can do it both ways. If you put new water in you should use the water cdiiotnon right after. just dont wait as you fill up the tank just add the drops and you will be fine. At my pet store we drain all the tanks 25% of the way, then we fill up each tank as we go we place in the drops in the water and all the tanks are perfect and no fish loss.It 100% works for over 88 tanks with no issues.

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